Atlanta Regional Meeting

November 15, 2018
9:00am- 11:00am
Hosted by The Lovett School



    Meredyth Cole, Head of School, The Lovett School




Trends in Community and Civic Engagement and Partnerships
Blake Kohn, Executive Director
National Network of Schools in Partnership

Lovett/Breakthrough Atlanta/APS/Hollis/Chick-Fil-A Foundation partnership
Katie McDowell, Director of Development for Strategic Partnerships, The Lovett School
Monique Shields, Executive Director, Breakthrough Atlanta
Rachel Sprecher, Executive Director of Partnerships and Development, Atlanta Public Schools
Diamond Ford, Principal, Michael R. Hollis Innovation Academy
Carol Waddy, Director, Corporate and Foundation Community Affairs, Chick-fil-A Foundation

Collecting our thoughts
Gallery Walk to ask I wonder, I wish I knew and I’d like to try


Small Group Discussion
What are you thinking about for your school? What are the challenges? What are areas of further investigation and articulate action steps for the near future

Regroup, Debrief, Closing

News Updates