Boston Regional Meeting

April 25, 2016
Milton Academy


The goal for this meeting is to network with colleagues in the area who are also working on partnership and community engagement programs, collect ideas of how to improve or strengthen your existing partnerships and find inspiration in the stories and experiences of other schools.

Todd Bland, Head of School
Milton Academy

School Partnership and Community Engagement Around the Country
Blake Kohn, Executive Director
National Network of Schools in Partnership

A look at some national trends that are helping to further this work across the country as well as an introduction to a few tools to help examine, assess and strengthen your own partnership programs.

Partnership Work in Action
Look at the larger picture of what makes partnership programs successful and sustainable.  Share examples of reciprocity, sustainability and clarity of purpose.  

Making Our Programs More Successful
Look at five emerging questions surrounding the success of partnership programs. Ask questions, engage in dialogue and hear from others about their concerns and solutions to these common queries.  Possible topics are:


Full group discussion
Regroup and discuss highlights of the conversations, reflections on the process, and the tools provided by NNSP.

Questions and Discussion

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