Engage, Reflect, Create through Documentar-A Time Capsule of NOW!

Session description: Bring your heart and mind to this participatory experience that you can easily lead with students. Discover why documentar is described as "meaningful," "emotional clarity," "enriching," and uplifting!" Engage students in this "time capsule of now" to enable self-awareness, authenticity of expression, and to create a personal and collective way to know what your students are thinking about and feeling in these challenging times. 

Learn the process, take part yourself, and be well-prepared to lead with students, faculty, families, and community so we can witness, connect, care, and share our stories. So many ways to adapt to different ages, to in-person and virtual/hybrid situations, themes and topics, and can lead to students taking meaningful action. 

Builds emotional literacy, reflection skills, creativity, spontaneity, respect for self and others, and enjoyment! Your students will want to experience documentar more than once! Have simple art supplies on hand. Follow us on Instagram @documentar_ (with an underscore) and on FB and Twitter @documentarNOW. Welcome to documentar!

About Cathryn Berge Kaye: Cathryn travels the globe in-person or virtually to provide meaningful and practical professional learning in support of educators and administrators, and of course, students. While well-known as the author of The Complete Guide to Service Learning, Cathryn’s work extends to other essential topics including wellbeing and social and emotional dynamics, best teaching practices, meaningful curriculum, revisioning advisory, youth leadership, and restoring communities to be inclusive, equitable, and culturally responsive. Other books include Going Blue for teens and Make a Splash for kids to save our oceans, lakes, rivers, and wetlands, coauthored with environmental advocate Philippe Cousteau. With CBK Associates’ forward thinking consulting team, Cathryn developed documentar—a time capsule of NOW – to provide a space for youth to shape their own narrative during unpredictable times. Follow us on Instagram @documentar_ (with an underscore) and on FB and Twitter @documentarNOW. Resources for you at Please contact us directly at

Cathryn is a writer, reader, dancer, thinker, friend, mother, partner, and grandmother. She lives in Los Angeles where on a clear day, she can see the ocean. Always grateful for what educators provide every day!

Tuesday, October 6, 2020
4:00-5:00pm ET

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