Focusing on programs in schools that help students see the world around them, develop advocacy skills and create a sense of agency, the DO GOOD conference will share with you tools and resources to elevate your programs.  Whether it is community service, social entrepreneurship, impact classes or service learning, this conference is designed to share ideas, provide ample takeaways and sharpen your tools to enhance your programs and in turn expand the opportunities for your students to DO GOOD
July 14,15, and 16, 2020
10am-2pm PT/ 1pm-5pm ET
$200/members | $250 non-members


Conference Schedule:

Tuesday, July 14 What does community engagement, social impact, and service look like in K12 schools

1:00pm-1:45pm ET

Community Collaboration for the Benefit of All Abigail Williams is the Founder and Executive Director of United to Learn in Dallas, Texas. United to Learn is a coalition of public elementary schools, private institutions and engaged community members who have come together to change lives by transforming the relationship between schools and community. Hear from Abby and Roshanda Clayton-Brown from Dallas Independent School District on the ways in which they have facilitated the collaboration of a community organization, a public school district, and 29 private schools to address the opportunity gap and systemic injustices present in their community.
2:00-2:45pm ET

2020-21: Trends in community engagement in COVID 19- Blake Kohn

Hear from Blake Kohn, Executive Director of NNSP, on how schools across the country are approaching community and partnership programs in a time of COVID 19.

3:00-3:45pm ET


Mission/Vision Alignment- Hear from Guybe Slangen, Director of Community Engagement at San Francisco Friends School, on how it is crucial to your program sustainability to align with your mission and vision.  How to shape your school’s culture to support this work and create partnerships are reciprocal and mutually beneficial.

Institutional benefits- Blake Kohn will share with you the immense value partnership, community and social impact programs will bring to all areas of your school including teacher retention, admissions, and development.

Best Practices-Sarah Bennison, Director of Public Purpose at Trinity School in New York City will share best practices and tips for service, engagement, and social impact.

4:00-4:45pm ET Public-Private Partnerships during COVID 19 How United to Learn in Dallas, TX has built a network of connected organizations to support students during this period of time.
5:00-6:30pm ET

Do Good Happy Hour

Join fellow service directors to network, and engage in a low key fun gathering.

Wednesday, July 15 Integrating service work and impact into the school day and beyond

1:00pm-1:45pm ET

Social Innovators Academy- learn about this structured social entrepreneurship program that provides a cohort of high school students the tools and resources needed to be changemakers for causes they are passionate about. 
2:00-2:45pm ET

Human-Centered Design- hear from Tarik Nally on how to incorporate human-centered design into service and impact programs.

3:00-3:45pm ET



Learn by division.  Hear concrete examples of how schools approach service, community engagement, and social impact. Choose Elementary, Middle or High School


Elementary School
Lisa Glick, Director of Service Learning
Brentwood School, Los Angeles, CA


Middle School
Annie Makela, Director of the Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship
Hillbrook School, Los Gatos, CA


High School
Rebecca Drago, Director of the Center for Public Purpose
Rye Country Day School, Rye, NY


4:00-4:45pm ET

How to repurpose within the school day- Laura Day will share with us strategies of how to repurpose inside of curricular and co-curricular at your school. 


Thursday, July 16 Ideas on how to use Reflection/ Assessment/Data to deepen your work with students.

1:00pm-1:45pm ET

MobileServe- learn how an online platform can help you track more than hours.  Learn to use the tool to collect reflections, track outcomes and calculate economic contributions to your community.
2:00-2:45pm ET

Reflection- Hear from about the variety of ways you can collect reflections from your students.

3:00-3:45pm ET

Assessment basics- how you track, what you track and what you do with it.

Jane Shore, Head of Research and Innovation, Revolution School, will share with us how they track data in their school and how they use that to inform changes in their programs.

4:00-4:45pm ET Maximizing Community Engagement for College Admission Stephen Pultz is the Assistant Vice President of Enrollment at the University of San Diego and serves on the Board of the National Association of Collegiate Admissions Counselors. Stephen and his co-chair will share an insiders look at the tremendous value social impact and community engagement brings to a college application. 

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