Principles of Good Practice

Overview: The purpose of partnerships among independent, private and public schools, as well as non-profit organizations serving the public good, is to enrich the journey toward fulfilling each institution’s mission and vision.

Hallmarks of healthy and transformative public-private partnerships include high levels of trust, commitment, and respect that drive synergistic teamwork, collaboration, and innovation in the education of children.


Principles of Good Practice:

  1. The fulfillment of an authentic community need or opportunity in which all partners both contribute to and benefit from shared learning experiences.
  2. Common goals and expectations for the partnership that are clearly articulated, preferably in writing, and communicated.
  3. Trusting relationships that are intentionally forged, with an awareness of each partner’s historical role within the larger community.
  4. Team-based and shared leadership that fosters the sustainability of collaborations;
  5. Community-wide awareness and sponsorship of partnership activities, along with necessary resources and engaged leadership to enable effective, sustainable public-private collaborations.
  6. Transparent and regular communication among partnership organizations; and
  7. A common framework for partners to assess the outcomes and activities relating to the partnership.


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