Degrees of Impact


Degrees of Impact: Design, Implement, and Infuse. 
How to purposefully place community engagement, civic engagement, and social impact programs into your curriculum

Summer 2024
$400/members | $500/non-members 

Join us for a two-day working session that will provide educators from across the country the opportunity to connect and consider emerging practices and trends for community engagement, civic, and partnership programs. Examine frameworks and guidelines while using tools developed by the National Network of Schools in Partnership to repurpose and strengthen your community engagement, social impact, and partnership programs. Attendees will be introduced to a variety of ways that community and civic engagement programs are integrated into a PK-12 curriculum as well as they will be given ample time to design or redesign their own programs through a design thinking process.  In addition, attendees will learn how to find areas of opportunity within your community, how to empower and encourage faculty to implement this work into their curriculum, and how to repurpose already existing programs for maximum impact. Regardless of the subject matter, there is a place for community engagement and impact within the academic day. Attendees will leave this session with strategies, actionable ideas, and inspiration to make community impact and engagement a curricular opportunity for all students. 




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