Google Hangout Schedule

NNSP Google Hangouts:

The purpose of the NNSP Google Hangouts is to provide NNSP members from across the country to connect online and discuss a topic related to public/private partnerships and community engagement.  Participation in the GHO will be limited to eight educators from NNSP member schools.  All others will have the availability to stream the GHO on the NNSP YouTube channel and the GHOs will be archived on the NNSP website.

Topics for 2016-2017

August 23: Elementary/Lower School community engagement and partnership programs.  How to make them meaningful, reciprocal and age appropriate.

September 21: How to measure the value of your partnership and community programs?

October 21: How to best support student driven partnerships? How to get kids from an idea to an action.

November 14: Scheduling?  Where is the time?

January 10: Creating meaningful and reciprocal partnerships abroad

February 9: How professional development provides opportunities for collaboration and partnership

March 6: How to engage your entire community in the partnership work

April 27: Sharing your successes.  How to market and communicate your school’s work in the community.

May 16: Innovative ideas and inspiration for the future.  Think Big! 

All GHOs are from 12-1pm EST and limited to eight NNSP member participants


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