Brunswick Schools Partnership Programs

In 2014, Brunswick School established a Horizons program for boys from low-income families in their community. In its inaugural year, the program welcomed 30 Kindergarten and first-grade boys to participate in a six-week summer program.  The intention is to increase the enrollment each year by another class to eventually have a program that serves children grades K-8.

Each day the boys are immersed in reading, writing and math classes taught by experienced teachers and assisted by Brunswick Upper School students.  In addition, the boys attend music, art and science followed by sports and swimming in the afternoon. During the school year, the Horizons students return to the Brunswick campus once a month to continue their academic experience that they started in the summer.

Brunswick students are encouraged to participate in many aspects of the Horizons program.  They serve as classroom assistants, aid in the sports and swimming part of the day and the also volunteer as reading mentors throughout the school year when the Horizons’ students come back to school for their Saturday Program.

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