The Bryn Mawr School

The Lillie May Carroll Jackson School

The Bryn Mawr School was instrumental in drafting the application for an all-girls public charter middle school submitted by Roland Park Country School and approved by Baltimore City; the Lillie May Carroll Jackson School will open in 2014-2015. Named after the “mother of civil rights” in Baltimore and Maryland, the vision is to create an experiential learning community for Baltimore City girls in grades 5-8.  With the belief that changing girls’ lives will change the world, the mission of the school is to develop 21st century learners with a strong sense of community through rigorous course work, high quality adventure experience, character development and leadership opportunities.  The Lillie May Carroll Jackson School envisions a world where all young women, regardless of their background, have the skills, tools and qualities necessary to succeed in college and develop as leaders in their communities and the world. It is believed that the formation of this partnership is the harbinger of a new era where educators in all sectors work together to bring the very best that we can to the lives of all of our children.


Summer Enrichment and The Bryn Mawr School

In an effort to ensure that B.E.S.T. (Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust) families were aware of summer academic enrichment opportunities for their children, a Summer Enrichment Guide for parents was created.  This guide lists opportunities throughout Baltimore for students of all ages. The Bryn Mawr School opened up their summer academic enrichment programming for lower, middle and upper school students to B.E.S.T. families at a minimal cost, thus allowing 18 B.E.S.T. students to enjoy courses taught by Bryn Mawr faculty, including “Kitchen Chemistry” for lower school students; “CSI Bryn Mawr” and “Page to Stage” for middle school students; and “Struggles for Supremacy” and “Explorations in Geometry” for upper school students. 


Partnership with The Seed School

Bryn Mawr partners with the Seed School, a statewide, college-preparatory, public boarding school. The mission of the Seed School is to present students from across the state with an extraordinary opportunity to receive a tuition-free education that prepares them for success in college and beyond. Students and faculty from both schools plan to continue to visit one another, and Bryn Mawr students have raised funds to provide some financial support to help pay for recently purchased laptops and other supplies needed at the Seed School.  The goal of the partnership between these two schools is to create a strong relationship in which each school nurtures and helps the other grow.   


Tutoring at KIPP

Bryn Mawr upper school girls travel bi-weekly to KIPP’s middle school campus to tutor middle school students with the goal of collaborating with students rather than simply instructing.

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