NNSP Consulting

Hourly consultation: Work with your team to provide guidance around strategic planning and visioning and specific issues or concerns.
NNSP members: 
non-members: $475/ hour

Professional Development presentations: Work with your faculty to develop a deeper understanding of your goals around community engagement or social impact programs. Give tangible tools to faculty members to implement in their teaching and learning environment
NNSP members: 
non-members: $2000/session

Customizable consultation: Based on your school’s needs, we will create a pathway to help your school’s community engagement and social impact work align with its greater mission and vision. Working with a variety of constituents, we will produce tangible ways to enhance your curricular and co-curricular connection to this work, help design programs that can be implemented to strengthen your program and create a consistent community engagement narrative across all parts of your school.
unique to each school's needs


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Our Approach

NNSP offers consulting, training, and professional development services for schools, educational access and enrichment programs, and other non-profit organizations seeking to deepen and expand the impact of their partnership programs and the alignment of these programs with the organization's mission, ethos, and other initiatives. Our customized, research-based, and thoughtful approach to program planning and implementation helps schools and organizations build their capacity to enhance the development, evolution, and sustainability of their partnership and community engagement programs.

At NNSP, our experience working with dozens of diverse public, private, and charter schools allows us to understand and draw upon a wide range of approaches to partnership and community engagement programming specific to the culture and values of each school. Our consulting services are designed to spark rich, productive, and inspiring conversations among administrators, faculty, students, families, trustees, community partners, and other stakeholders. Through this process, we support schools and organizations in creating partnership programs that help improve equity in educational opportunities and empower innovative and passionate young leaders with a sense of purpose.

Using a strategic and reflective process, we collaborate with our partners to:

Build upon the strengths of the community engagement programs in place

Identify and effectively navigate challenges and opportunities for growth

Develop authentic, mission-appropriate strategies to nurture sustain, and measure the impact of existing partnership programs


Areas of Expertise


Evaluating and Strengthening Partnership Impact

Bringing together all key stakeholders in an existing partnership, NNSP aims to help schools and their partner orgnaization(s) reflect on the successes and challenges of their collaborative programs, identify shared goals and opportunities for greater impact, and develop a concrete strategy to move the partnership forward.  Through a comprehensive review of the existing partnership, NNSP helps facilitate meaningful dialogue between stakeholders that reconnect them to their individual and collective missions and guides their partnership toward a place of reciprocity, purpose, and sustainability.

Curricular Integration

Integrating community engagement and partnership programs into the curriculum is critical in ensuring that every student has an equal opportunity to experience the benefit of these programs. NNSP draws upon its vast experience working with public, charter, and independent schools across all grade levels to help schools identify opportunities for thoughtful and authentic curricular alignment. NNSP strategically considers the school’s resources, schedule, mission, and values as we guide schools in the creation of programs that foster engagement, character development, and purposeful learning. 

Faculty/Staff Professional Development

As schools and organizations shift from traditional community service and service-learning approaches toward a framework of community-engaged partnerships, it is critical that all faculty and staff understand the value of this model.  NNSP can lead daylong or multi-day professional development trainings and workshops for schools and programs at all points on the continuum of developing reciprocal, meaningful, and sustainable partnership programs.  We work with schools and organizations to customize interactive workshops that foster conversation, learning, and professional exchange around how to build upon existing programs and generate new ideas that enhance the work already in place at your school.  As leaders in the field, NNSP will share our expertise with your whole community, underscoring the value of the work while also giving practical guidance in its implementation.


Please contact Executive Director, Blake Kohn, for more information including pricing and scheduling.


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