Deerfield Academy Partnership Programs

Athena Project
In an effort to promote collaboration and professional development between schools, Deerfield launched the Athena Project.  Supported by an E.E. Ford grant, the project involves an online platform for sharing curriculum (questions, activities, assignments, etc.) and person-to-person programs at schools for teachers to discuss and improve their work.  Currently in a testing phase, the Athena Project will grow in the coming years and is looking for schools or individuals who are interested in creating, sharing, and improving open education resources.   At a high level, the project aims to help establish a dynamic professional memory for the field of education.  At a practical level, it aims to provide teachers the resources they need on a day-to-day basis.

Deerfield Academy provides a unique three week residential experience for students from three Pioneer Valley middles schools as well as dozens of KIPP charter schools from across the country.  Students engage in four 70-minute academic classes a day with additional time devoted to independent study, advisor meetings, sports, the arts, field trips and fun. With an emphasis on science and ELA, the students have the opportunity to hone their research, writing and critical thinking skills while experiencing first hand the challenging academic environment at Deerfield. Participants benefit from the low teacher to student ratios, small class size and intimate nature of the program and get a first hand taste of life in a boarding school.

Franklin County Partnership
Inspired by their experience at the Round Square International Conference in Jordan, a group of Deerfield Academy students spearheaded the organization of a Round Square-style conference focused on hunger and homelessness in Franklin County with local schools: Greenfield High School, Frontier Regional High School, and Mohawk Trail Regional High School.  The conference focused on local issues—such as hunger and poverty—that were shared across the county and what the schools could do together to address these issues.  Including Deerfield students, total attendees numbered over 40; the students hope that the conference will occur annually and will continue to grow in numbers. 

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