Building a Foundation for Lifelong Giving

Central Question: 
Between the pandemic, political divisions, and deep injustices facing our country – we need everyone, including children, to be exercising their philanthropic potential. Children (especially 8 years old and up) are uniquely equipped to give of themselves for the good of humanity because they are empathetic, fluid thinkers, and increasingly aware of injustices around them. How do we provide kids with a foundation for using their brains, voices, ears, and resources to make life more fair for others? How do we help kids see themselves as philanthropists.....just as easily as they see themselves as artists, readers, or athletes?

This professional development session will cover:

  • Our current narratives around the role of children and service. 
  • A new framework for engaging kids in service, giving, and philanthropic efforts. 
  • Tools for nurturing a philanthropic disposition in all children, one based on empathy, humility, and impact. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020
12:00-1:00pm EST

NNSP members/ free
Non-NNSP members/ $25

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The Giving Square partners with schools and organizations to bring philanthropic skills, identities, and tools to all children. Their flagship program, the Kids for Kids Fund, engages 3-5th graders in an experiential philanthropic journey focused on empathy and impact.

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