Head Royce

Heads Up

Established in 1987, Heads Up is a partnership between the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) and Head-Royce School. With a mission to provide underserved middle school students of color from OUSD with challenging and enriching educational programs to prepare them for academic success and help them develop an appreciation for community and civic responsibility, Heads Up currently supports an enrollment of over 110 students in grades 6-8. A year-long program, the students attend a six-week summer course of study, monthly Saturday meetings, and weekly afterschool tutoring and mentoring.  As a result, a sample group of current program participants was examined and findings concluded that between 5th and 7th grades, during the first two years of enrollment in the program, the average GPA rose by .64, or 20%. With increased confidence in the classroom, improved academic performance, and developed self-advocacy skills, the purpose of the program is to promote civic purpose and create a broader community of academically prepared, high achieving, socially responsible youth.


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