'Iolani School

KA’I Program
The KA’I program is a public-private school partnership between ‘Iolani School and Jarrett Middle School.  Each year, a group of 12 rising 7th grade students from Jarrett MS come to ‘Iolani for a six-week summer program that includes a curriculum of educational enrichment, leadership, team building and service to the community.  Rising seniors from ‘Iolani as well as college students serve as the student mentors throughout the summer and the school year.

KA’I students are selected based on three criteria: they must be living in poverty, be the 1st family member to graduate from High School and they must be of average academic standing. Once accepted, KA’I students return to the program for six consecutive summers until graduating from high school.

The long terms goals for the students of the KA’I Program are to become leaders within their school community, contribute towards the benefit of their local community, graduate from high school and to pursue pathways of success and higher education in an area of personal passion.

Ala Wai School Mentoring Program
Juniors and Seniors from ‘Iolani School visit Ala Wai School two times a week to tutor and mentor the students.

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