Lakeside School

Lakeside Educational Enrichment Program (LEEP)

The charge of Lakeside Educational Enrichment Program (LEEP) is to build a learning community through summer programming and continuous enrichment for promising students who reflect the diversities of the Seattle metropolitan area. The values of respect, active participation, and intellectual risk taking are impressed upon LEEP’s students as they learn to self-advocate and collaborate with their peers, teachers, and mentors.

LEEP is a six-week summer program designed to stimulate the intellectual curiosity of the participants, create an enjoyable learning environment, and set goals for achievement.

The LEEP program has five components:

  1. Academics (math, English, and geography)
  2. Athletics (field sports and rowing)
  3. Stand and Deliver (a three-to-five minute presentation before the entire LEEP assemblage)
  4. Community Service (3-day field experience with local non-profit organizations)
  5. Graduation (an official and heartwarming graduation ceremony attended by families)

Participants apply for admission to the program when in eighth grade and attend throughout their high school career. These students usually come from the Seattle Public School System and often are from schools that serve those in greatest need in Seattle. The program’s aim is to boost students to higher achievement during the summer and later in their school life. The goal is also to have them bond together as a community of learners who share some common values. 

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