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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Community Learning Partnership of Greater Miami Shores got its start in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008. Leaders saw an opportunity - and a need - to collaborate and do more with precious educational resources, says Dr. John Davies, Head at  Miami Country Day Schoolone of the founding partners. With Barry University, the Cushman School and Doctors Charter School, the CLP was formed to expand and enhance student leadership opportunities and teacher professional development.


Full engagement required

What was born from necessity has grown and flourished. In the last five years, the CLP has produced three major conferences and provided many opportunities for teacher peer learning and student leadership development. While this model has been successful, it doesn't mean it's easy. "In order for this type of venture to succeed, you need to get engagement and buy-in from the leadership at all schools involved. They have to make it a top priority," says Davies.


Today, several other schools have joined the partnership, including two public schools and a parochial school. Through collaborative programs, the CLP strives to minimize barriers (cultural, socioeconomic, geographic, ethnic) between students, faculty and staff, reduce costs and duplication of effort, and enhance educational opportunities for all. "The collaboration between public, independent and university educators involved in this partnership has been truly inspirational to me," says Davies. "The community commitment to improve education for all our students and teachers has been wonderful to watch unfold over these past seven years."


To read more about the Community Learning Partnership of Greater Miami Shores including the Student Leadership and Community Engagement components, please click here.

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