Noble and Greenough School

Noble and Greenough School has developed two programs specifically for low-income students who would be the first in their families to graduate from college. Both programs meet for six weeks during the summer and two Saturdays each month during the school year and utilize faculty, staff, young graduates and current students of Nobles. For each program, the goal is for students to excel academically and realize the full benefits of higher education.


Achieve is a tuition-free educational program serving 60 low-income, middle school students from the city of Boston and is staffed by Nobles teachers, students and young graduates. Providing academic and social enrichment through a rigorous and engaging six-week summer program and ongoing academic year tutoring and support, Achieve seeks to increase the students' academic skills, motivation and self-confidence and put them on the path to college.

Upward Bound

The University of Massachusetts Boston/Noble and Greenough School Math/Science Upward Bound Program (MSUB) is a six-week residential program, serving 60 high school students from the city of Lawrence with promising academic records and a desire to improve their future prospects. MSUB specifically identifies students interested in math and science who wish to pursue advanced study and careers in related fields. Staffed by Nobles teachers, students and young graduates, Upward Bound aims to assist low-income students on the path to college.


Experiential & Community Engaged Learning (EXCEL) programs at Nobles encompass a wide variety of programs in and out of the classroom. EXCEL programs push Nobles students to serve their communities, pursue a passion, travel to and learn in new places, explore an idea or study in a different community. Nobles has built partnerships with over 100 organizations in Greater Boston, across the country and around the world. Working with these organizations challenges Nobles students to develop new skills and to see the world from different perspectives. As Nobles develops “leaders for the public good,” EXCEL programs create invaluable opportunities for developing our best selves. 

Each year over 100 Nobles students collaborate with over 25 Nobles teachers to continue our partnerships with non-governmental organizations in New Orleans, New Hampshire, South Africa, Romania, India, Cambodia, China and Guatemala. In addition, Nobles has partner school relationships in Japan, China, France and Spain where at least 25 Nobles students annually are involved in cultural and language exchange. 

As a graduation requirement all Nobles students are required to complete 80 hours of community service. Nobles has established partnerships with Riverdale Elementary School in Dedham, Roxbury Prep School and Community Servings so that each season during the school year Nobles students are working on a daily basis with these organizations. 


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