What are your plans?

Central question: How are schools planning to continue their service, engagement and impact work in this coming school year.  What resources and strategies can we share with each other to help in the planning and execution of these plans?

Often solitary in their role, service-learning, community engagement, and social impact educators have a need to collaborate and share how they plan to honor their programs this school year.  With certain change in how schools are meeting (hybrid, virtual, or in-person), it is necessary for these leaders to be able to hear from others on what their schools plans, how they will approach their community partnerships, and the outcomes they hope to achieve this school year.

This session will be a series of small conversations faciliatated in break out rooms. The intention is to allow participants share their plans and resources as well as ask questions and address challenges that will be faced this year.

Thursday, August 27, 2020
4:00-5:00pm ET

NNSP members- FREE
Non-NNSP members- $25


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