2023 Pre-Conference Workshop

Pre-Conference: Saturday, January 28, 2023
12:00-3:00 pm

Workshop: Assess, evaluate, and track outcomes. How to use data to create transformational civic education programs.

Join the Do Good Institute of the University of Maryland, Giving Square, and The Institute of Social Impact at Hockaday School to discuss ways in which data collection and analysis can inform your programs at school. Think about what kinds of skills are needed for students to become effective change-makers and how can we best prepare leaders for these roles. How do we know that we are doing what we are saying we are doing? This engaging and interactive workshop will expand practitioners' view on how to put data to good use and will provide various ways to track, assess, and evaluate the strength of your programs at home. 



Welcome, Introductions, and Warm Up


Assessing Children and Youth Engagement


Getting the Intended Outcomes Right and Consequences if You Don’t




Generating School Outcomes


Designing the Measurement Tools

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