2024 Pre-Conference Workshop

Pre-Conference: Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Workshop: IMPACTathon; creating an on-campus event of impact.

The NNSP 2024 Pre-Conference will be a hands-on learning experience taking the participants through the structures to launch their very own Impactathon. Over the course of the day, Laura Day, Founding Director of the Institute for Social Impact at Hockaday School, will share the process needed to create and execute an on-campus, school-wide experience that encourages your students to collaborate in teams to create a meaningful solution to a real-world problem. Hear how Laura leveraged a dilemma posed by AT&T to engage her students in grades 5-12 in a 90-minute experience that resulted in solutions employed by AT&T today. After Laura walks everyone through the process, pre-conference participants will then be able to watch students from the Community Engagement Symposium complete their very own Impactathon. All participants from the pre-conference will leave with the documents necessary to pull of their very own Impactathon in their school communities.


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