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Irma Rangel Charter School Partnership

The Hockaday School

 The Hockaday School is invested in a partnership with the Irma Rangel Charter School.  Located in the heart of Dallas and serving students of need, the Irma Rangel School works with Hockaday to engage their students in joint leadership training. Toge... [read more]



 The Pennington School partners with HomeFront, a non-profit organization in Central New Jersey aiming to end homelessness through family assistance. Throughout the school year, Pennington students deliver meals to families in transitional housing as ... [read more]

Community Builders

Albequerque Academy

 Community Builders is a unique, tuition-free program that gives high school juniors and seniors from Albuquerque Academy and other area schools the opportunity to learn the nuts and bolts of community philanthropy and nonprofit organizations. The fiv... [read more]

Roots of Empathy

Beauvoir-The National Cathedral Elementary School

 The Beauvoir School has been selected to join the Roots of Empathy program along with four other schools from the DC area.  This consortium of independent, traditional public, and charter schools will participate in a total of 27 classroom lesso... [read more]

The Lillie May Carroll Jackson School

Bryn Mawr School

 The Bryn Mawr School was instrumental in drafting the application for an all-girls public charter middle school submitted by Roland Park Country School and approved by Baltimore City; the Lillie May Carroll Jackson School will open in 2014-2015. Name... [read more]

Summer Enrichment and The Bryn Mawr School

Bryn Mawr School

 In an effort to ensure that B.E.S.T. (Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust) families were aware of summer academic enrichment opportunities for their children, a Summer Enrichment Guide for parents was created.  This guide lists opportunities... [read more]

Global Cardboard Challenge

Brookwood School

 The Global Cardboard Challenge is an annual challenge that invites kids around the world to design and build creations using cardboard, recycled materials and their imagination. The challenge culminates in a Global Day of Play on October 5th, bringin... [read more]

Monarch Butterfly Habitat Advocacy

Brookwood School

 The Kindergarten at Brookwood School has established a partnership with the Jane Edwards Elementary School (JEES) in Edisto Island, SC. Both schools’ curricula at these grade levels include gardening, Monarch butterfly life cycles, and habitat ... [read more]

Marine Science/Coastal Stewardship

Brookwood School

 The Eco Clubs at both Brookwood and Deep Creek Middle School in Cape Eleuthra, Bahamas monitor and advocate for the wellbeing of ocean and shore. Science teachers at both schools work together to align marine studies units in order to learn from one ... [read more]

Perspectives of the U.S. North and South

Brookwood School

 Students from Brookwood School and Battle Ground Academy in Franklin, TN, partner to examine the Tinker Ruling on the use of the Confederate Flag.  Through videos of classroom discussion, shared reflections on a joint blog, and Skype conversatio... [read more]

Global Awareness Projects:

Brookwood School

 In the continuing interest of helping their students to become informed global citizens, each Eighth grade student at Brookwood will be involved in a year-long Global Awareness Project (GAP). The purpose of the GAP is to afford each student the oppor... [read more]

20-20 Project

Campbell Hall

 The 20-20 project was developed together with the Loyola Marymount University Family of Schools (15 public schools for the LA area), to establish a program that helps de-mystify stereotypes amongst African-American students coming from the public and... [read more]

Game Changers

Campbell Hall

 Campbell Hall and LMU designed Games Changers to encourage young men of color to develop their entrepreneurial and business skills. The one-day event intends to equip students with the inspiration and skills necessary to grow and serve as change agen... [read more]

Berkeley Food and Housing Project

College Preparatory School

 Every Saturday, students from College Prep prepare meals and serve them at the Berkeley Food and Housing Project, a non-profit dedicated to providing emergency food and shelter to those in need.... [read more]

Partners Program

College Preparatory School

 For more than a quarter-century, the Partners Program at College Prep has provided opportunities for academic support and enrichment for motivated yet under-resourced Oakland middle school students and their families. College Prep students work wi... [read more]

PS Science

Crossroads School

 P.S. Science is a project of the CCOF created to captivate young minds and inspire a lifelong passion for science. This mobile, exploration-based weekly science program benefits first, second, and third grade students in Title I schools where exposur... [read more]

K-8 Comprehensive Music Program

Crossroads School

 Since 2006, CCOF has partnered with Saint Anne School, a Title I school with a founding commitment to serve the working poor, on a variety of programs. In 2008 Crossroads School collaborated with volunteer professional musicians from So-LA Music A... [read more]

Horizons at Dedham Country Day School

Dedham Country Day School

 Horizons In 2009, Horizons at Dedham Country Day School (DCD) became the first Horizons affiliate in Massachusetts. Horizons at DCD draws students from the Dedham and Boston communities and provides free-of-charge six-week program of academic and ... [read more]

Heads Up

Head Royce School

 Established in 1987, Heads Up is a partnership between the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) and Head-Royce School. With a mission to provide underserved middle school students of color from OUSD with challenging and enriching educational progra... [read more]

Irma Rangel Charter School Partnership

Hockaday School

 The Hockaday School is invested in a partnership with the Irma Rangel Charter School.  Located in the heart of Dallas and serving students of need, the Irma Rangel School works with Hockaday to engage their students in joint leadership training.... [read more]

Joint Environmental Mission


 KS students in grades 5-8 at Kapalama Elementary School have teamed up with more than five schools around the world to study and learn about the environment.  With the goals of creating lifelong friendships, promoting collaboration across cultur... [read more]

Intermediate Athletics Program


 The Hawai‘i State Department of Education and a handful of community organizations, including KS’s Ka Pua Initiative, has teamed up to launch this new initiative aimed at increasing learning opportunities for seventh and eighth graders in... [read more]

Lakeside Educational Enrichment Program (LEEP)

Lakeside School

 The charge of Lakeside Educational Enrichment Program (LEEP) is to build a learning community through summer programming and continuous enrichment for promising students who reflect the diversities of the Seattle metropolitan area. The values of resp... [read more]

Aim High


 The award-winning Aim High summer program for middle school youth combines rigorous academics with a fun and highly supportive learning environment and has been supporting students and families for 25 years. Throughout the academic year, Aim High off... [read more]

KIPP Through College


 The KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) mission is to prepare students in underserved communities for success in college and in life. A national network of free, open enrollment, college-preparatory public schools, KIPP currently operates 109 schools i... [read more]

Geneva Car Barn


 Geneva Car Barn, located at the historic Geneva Office Building and Powerhouse site, provides artistic, cultural and educational programming for youth and adults of all cultures and ages, and serves as a platform for creative work undertaken by Distr... [read more]

Out of Sight


 Out of Site provides free after school and summer programming in visual and performing arts to public high school students in San Francisco. They also offer a number of paid internships and other youth leadership opportunities. Students come to Out o... [read more]

K-4: Martha’s Table


 The Maret Lower School has a longstanding tradition of working with the early childhood program at Martha's Table. Martha’s Table is a non-profit organization located in Washington, DC, that is dedicated to filling the core needs of over 1,... [read more]

1ST Grade: Living Classrooms


 1st graders work with the Chemistry in the Community high school class to grow and release shad in partnership with Living Classrooms and the Anacostia Watershed Society.... [read more]

5TH Grade: Methodist Home, Chevy Chase House And Army Distaff Foundation/Knollwood


 Integrating service learning into the curriculum represents a commitment to fostering an understanding of older citizens in the community and deepening connections to Maret’s core values.  The 5th grade partners with The Methodist Home, Th... [read more]

6th Grade: So Others Might Eat (Some)


 6th grade students at Maret have established a partnership with students from the Washington Middle School for Girls, a Catholic girls school in Washington, DC established to provide a caring and safe environment for young girls who are living in und... [read more]

7TH Grade: Rock Creek Conservancy (RCC)


 Through a partnership with RCC, the 7th grade forms a Stream Team and is charged with caring for a significant portion of the trail through Rock Creek Park.  Students conduct water testing, pick up trash and debris, and will learn about and remo... [read more]

9TH Grade: Loaves And Fishes


 9th graders from Maret focus their service learning on the problem of hunger in the community.  Partnering with Loaves and Fishes, the students go every Saturday to prepare and serve meals to diners in the Mt. Pleasant/Columbia Heights communiti... [read more]

9TH-12TH Grades: Pulitzer Center For Crisis Reporting


 Maret’s Upper School Science classes have partnered with the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting to help students connect global environment themes with specific, local issues that tie directly to their chosen theme.  The Pulitzer Center ... [read more]

9TH-12TH Grades: Teaching For Change


 English classes at Maret have partnered with Teaching for Change to help foment students’ interest in the Committed Generation writers from Central America.  The members of the Committed Generation were authors who used literature to shine... [read more]

9TH-12TH Grades: Carecen-Dc


 Upper School Spanish class students at Maret have partnered with the Central American Resource Center (CARECEN).  CARECEN is a community-based organization that seeks to foster the comprehensive development of the Latino community in the Washing... [read more]

9TH-12TH Grades- Live And Learn


 Through Maret’s Live and Learn summer programs, students to travel to China, India, Honduras or Sanibel Island for approximately one month.  While there, students participate in a variety of community service projects including assisting a... [read more]

9TH-12TH Grades- Hope for Children


 Maret enjoys a very special relationship with the non-profit, Hope for Children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. HFC's president Carol Rhees is a World History teacher at Maret who has designed and taught a service learning curriculum focused on domesti... [read more]

Horizons Greater Washington


 Originally a partnership between Maret and HD Cooke Elementary School , Horizons Greater Washington has expanded and now includes four other schools in the metropolitan DC area.  This larger partnership advances their goal of encouraging a diver... [read more]

The Saturday Course

Milton Academy

 The Saturday Course is designed for independently motivated students with strong academic skills from surrounding communities in grades 4, 5 and 6. After being selected by their schools, students register and participate in six-week academic sessions... [read more]

One Day Initiatives

Milton Academy

 While the majority of focus has been on building lasting partnerships with specific sites, as well as building relationships with individual teachers and students, Milton also offers a range of one-day project support for local schools and youth orga... [read more]

Horizons Friends Corps at New Canaan Country School

New Canaan Country Day School

 Established in 2001, the Horizons Friends Corps matches eighth grade New Canaan Country School mentors with fourth grade Horizons buddies. Relationships are established between the buddies through phone calls, emails, letter writing, and sp... [read more]


Noble and Greenough School

 Achieve is a tuition-free educational program serving 60 low-income, middle school students from the city of Boston and is staffed by Nobles teachers, students and young graduates. Providing academic and social enrichment through a rigorous and engag... [read more]

Upward Bound

Noble and Greenough School

 The University of Massachusetts Boston/Noble and Greenough School Math/Science Upward Bound Program (MSUB) is a six-week residential program, serving 60 high school students from the city of Lawrence with promising academic records and a desire to im... [read more]


Noble and Greenough School

 Experiential & Community Engaged Learning (EXCEL) programs at Nobles encompass a wide variety of programs in and out of the classroom. EXCEL programs push Nobles students to serve their communities, pursue a passion, travel to and learn in new pl... [read more]

The North Star Collaborative

North Star Collaborative

 North Star Collaborative (NSC) is an innovative partnership between Laurel School, an independent school for girls K-12, with a co-ed Pre-Primary, and Warner Girls Leadership Academy (WGLA), a public PreK-8 girls’ school in the Cleveland Metrop... [read more]

The North Star Collaborative

Laurel School

 North Star Collaborative (NSC) is an innovative partnership between Laurel School, an independent school for girls K-12, with a co-ed Pre-Primary, and Warner Girls Leadership Academy (WGLA), a public PreK-8 girls’ school in the Cleveland Metrop... [read more]

Odyssey at Westminster Schools

The Westminster Schools

 Odyssey is a six-week summer program held at The Westminster Schools in Atlanta, GA. Serving over 300 students in grades 2-12, the program aims to help Atlanta public school students with unmet potential, from disadvantaged communities, usually ... [read more]

Haiti Initiative


 In immediate response to the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010, Pennington organized fundraisers to purchase supplies and provide support to the stricken island nation.  To assist in their effort, the school built on a 20 year rel... [read more]

Lillie May Carroll Jackson School

Roland Park Country School

 The Roland Park Country School will open a charter school, the Lillie May Carroll Jackson School, in 2014-2015.  Named after the “mother of civil rights” in Baltimore and Maryland, the vision is to create an experiential learning com... [read more]

Growing Girls and Gardens

Roland Park Country School

 In 2005, the Middle Grades Partnership, a fund of the Baltimore Community Foundation, invited Roland Park Country School to establish a public/private partnership program. In response, Growing Girls and Gardens, a science-based program, teaches acade... [read more]

The Next Step

Roland Park Country School

 The Next Step is an academic enrichment program available for girls in grades 10-12 in the Baltimore City area. Serving approximately 45 students each summer, the girls participate in a 6-week session. See grade level class descriptions below. ... [read more]

Curricular Based Service Learning Partnerships

San Francisco Friends School

 Grade-Level Service At the San Francisco Friends School, each grade level (K-8) participates in a partnership with a community organization. These projects enhance and enrich curricula and happen throughout the year as well as year after year.&nbs... [read more]

Service Trips

San Francisco Friends School

 In the San Francisco Friends Middle School, students participate in service trips that bridge their curricular work to service in another part of the world.  7th grade- Nicaragua  In 7th grade, the students travel to Nicaragua to work... [read more]

Community Committee

San Francisco Friends School

 The San Francisco Friends School Board of Trustees has a committee dedicated to ensuring that the school is an active steward in the greater community. It helps monitor and guide the school’s commitment to service and engagement through ongoing... [read more]

Horizons at San Francisco Friends School

San Francisco Friends School

 San Francisco Friends School will launch a Horizons program in 2014.  The first of its kind on the West Coast, this program will be a six week academic enrichment summer program for  low income students in grades K-5 from the surrounding ne... [read more]

Friends Community Scholars

San Francisco Friends School

 San Francisco Friends School has launched the Friends Community Scholars program. This scholarship is for high-achieving, economically disadvantaged middle school students from neighborhoods surrounding the school.  Friends Community Scholars, t... [read more]

Día del Niño (Day of the Child)

Sonoma Academy

 Parents and staff from Sonoma Academy, Taylor Mountain School and Kawana Academy of Arts and Sciences work together to put on the community event titled Día del Niño.  At this festival, parents, students and teachers from all ... [read more]

Westminster Crossroads Learning Program

Westminster School

 The Westminster Crossroads Learning Program in Hartford in Hartford (WCLP) represents Westminster’s effort to extend its core value of community into Hartford, Connecticut.  Thus, WCLP seeks to provide those with whom it works the same typ... [read more]

Community Partnerships

Washington Latin Public Charter School

 Washington Latin Public Charter School, located in Washington DC, is a charter school dedicated to teaching the classics to its students.  As part of the curriculum, the school has established a number of partnerships with local non-profit and b... [read more]

Uptown Partnership

Latin School of Chicago

 Latin School launched a new initiative called the Uptown Partnership in the fall of 2012 that focuses on the needs of Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. The partnership works with local civic leaders, including the 46th Ward alderman, and... [read more]

Middle Grades Partnership

Middle Grades Partnership

 Middle Grades Partnership (MGP) forges partnerships between public and private schools to provide summer and school-year learning opportunities for academically promising Baltimore City middle school students as well as innovative professional learni... [read more]

The TASC Group

Pacific Ridge

 The TASC group, which stands for “The Tibetan-American School Connection,” partners Pacific Ridge Upper School students with the LiMing School of the Yunnan Province of China. Based on a relationship established during a school visit to L... [read more]

Habitat for Humanity

Park Tudor School

 Park Tudor School has had a longstanding partnership with the Indianapolis chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Every two years the school builds a Habitat home and during the years when the students aren’t building a home, they are working in coll... [read more]

Children's Hospital Partnerships

Park Tudor School

 Park Tudor partners with two children’s hospitals in the Indianapolis area: the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital and Riley Children's Hospital. Not limited to only fundraising activities, the students also prepare and share gifts for ... [read more]

Health and Wellness Initiative

Rancocas Valley Regional High School

 Designed to be the civic center of the community, the Rancocas Valley Regional High School brings together all members of the Mt. Holly community through its health and wellness initiatives. The mud/run challenge, Devil Dash, has raised over $10... [read more]


Rye Country Day School

 The Rye Country Day School Upper School Choir maintains a partnership with the Highbridge Voices Chamber Choir.  Highbridge Voices provides an intensive music after-school program for over 100 children in the Bronx.  Over the course of... [read more]

Partners in Art

Rye Country Day School

 Partners in Art is a collaborative effort to facilitate an art exchange between students from RCDS and students from Haiti.  With the assistance from Haiti Lumiere de Demain (HLD), an organization dedicated to improving education in Haiti, stude... [read more]

Our Sister Schools

Ursuline Academy of Dallas

 Ursuline Academy has an established, formal agreement with each of the schools below to participate in a reciprocal, mutually-beneficial, educational and cultural exchange on an annual or bi-annual basis. Beijing, China: Huaxia Girls’ Sch... [read more]

Educational Partners

Ursuline Academy of Dallas

 Ursuline Academy has various educational partners (schools, NGOs and other organizations) with which they exchange ideas, support through fundraising, attend events and host / visit on a flexible schedule. Some examples are: The World Affairs C... [read more]

Arctic Partnership

Park School of Baltimore

 The Park School’s Arctic partnership is dedicated to monitoring the permafrost in Hudson Bay Lowlands and its response to climate change. In addition to conducting field research, the partnership schools discuss social justice issues and policy... [read more]

Civil Rights Trip

Park School of Baltimore

 Students from the partnership schools of City College High School, City Neighbors Charter School, and The Park School of Baltimore travel together on a Civil Rights trip to learn an important part of American history together and from one another.&nb... [read more]

Build-a Block, Park Habitat

Park School of Baltimore

 Park has partnered with Habit for Humanity of the Chesapeake for more than thirteen years. Over that time, Park came to recognize that partnering with other local schools would exponentially widen their impact on the Baltimore community.  They, ... [read more]

Middle Grades Partnership

Park School of Baltimore

 Middle Grades Partnership brings together independent and public schools to provide learning opportunities for Baltimore City public middle school students. Park’s partner: The Afya Public Charter School of Baltimore City. For four weeks during... [read more]

Wolfe Street Academy

Park School of Baltimore

 Park School and Wolfe Street Academy have undertaken a partnership to jointly participate in the Destination Imagination program. The program encourages teams of learners to have fun, take risks, focus and frame challenges while incorporating ST... [read more]

Horizons at Woodward Academy

Woodward Academy

 Horizons at Woodward Academy welcomed its first class of kindergarteners from Mt. Olive Elementary School, in East Point, Georgia, in the summer of 2012. The students will return each summer and a new class will be added until it is a full capacity K... [read more]

Neighborhood Scholars Program

Worcester Academy

 Each year, seven students from three local public schools (Grafton Hill, Union Hill, and Vernon Street) attend Worcester Academy for free (1 student in each grade at WA) as part of the Neighborhood Scholars Program.   ... [read more]

Summer Scholars Program

Worcester Academy

 The Summer Scholars Program provides a summer educational and enrichment experience for 18 students from three neighborhood schools, Grafton Hill, Union Hill, and Vernon Street. The project-based learning program runs for four weeks at no cost to stu... [read more]

Summer Camp Program Scholarships

Worcester Academy

 Summer Camp Program Scholarships allows for up to 30 neighborhood students to attend Basketball Camp, Soccer Camp, Sports Camp, Volleyball Camp, and Worcester Academy Summer Arts Camp at no cost. Students come from four local public schools, Grafton ... [read more]

Abaarso Tech

Worcester Academy

 Worcester Academy has a partnership with Abaarso Tech, a school located in Somaliland, in the Horn of Africa.  Abaarso Tech was founded by Worcester Academy alumnus and former investment banker executive Jonathan Starr ’94 as an innovative... [read more]

Union Hill Library Project

Worcester Academy

 Worcester Academy students took the lead to create a library at Union Hill Elementary by raising $150,000 in monies and gifts in kind, including computers, books, labor, and materials. No library existed at the elementary school at the time the initi... [read more]

Union Hill Playground Project

Worcester Academy

 Worcester Academy students, staff, and faculty joined volunteers from throughout the city to help build a playground at nearby Union Hill Elementary School. The project was a neighborhood collaboration and completed in cooperation with KaBOOM!, the O... [read more]

Worcester Education Roundtable

Worcester Academy

 In support of Worcester Public Schools, the Worcester Academy Head of School and Director of External Communications sit on the Education Roundtable/Worcester Education Collaborative in the city of Worcester.  The Worcester Education Collaborati... [read more]

Greater Worcester Community Foundation

Worcester Academy

 Worcester Academy continues to have students serve the community by participating in grant making committees with the Greater Worcester Community Foundation’s Youth for Community Involvement. ... [read more]

Worcester City Council

Worcester Academy

 In 2012, the city of Worcester formed its first-ever Youth Council to advise the Worcester City Council and other municipal groups about youth concerns and ideas.  A Worcester Academy student was both a founding and current member.... [read more]

Free Theater Performances

Worcester Academy

 Neighborhood elementary and middle schools are invited to special daytime play performances in Worcester Academy’s Warner Theater at no charge. ... [read more]

Richstone Family Center

Vistamar School

 Vistamar School works closely with the Richstone Family Center, a resource center for families in crisis. Once a month, Vistamar students create and facilitate activities and games for the afterschool program. Vistamar is also part of speci... [read more]

2014 Global Issues Network Conference

Washington International School

 The 2014 Global Issues Network Conference will be held on the Washington International School campus.  Co-hosted by students from School Without Walls, conference attendees will include students from public, private and charter schools... [read more]

Roots of Empathy

Bishop Walker School for Boys

 The Bishop Walker School for Boys is a member of a consortium of independent, traditional public, and public charter schools that brought the international Roots of Empathy program to the city of Washington, DC.  Roots of Empathy is an evidence-... [read more]

Perennial Garden Club

Bishop Walker School for Boys

 The Bishop Walker School has partnered with the Perennial Garden Club to develop an urban educational landscape that integrates curricula with rich, hands-on experience.  Phase I of the project, “Embracing Arms”, included the establi... [read more]

Lunch Buddies

Bishop Walker School for Boys

 Seventy-seven percent of the students at the Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys come from single-family homes which are primarily headed by women. The Lunch Buddies program offers a powerful opportunity for Bishop Walker School students to interac... [read more]

KA'I Program

'Iolani School

 KA’I Program The KA’I program is a public-private school partnership between ‘Iolani School and Jarrett Middle School.  Each year, a group of 12 rising 7th grade students from Jarrett MS come to... [read more]

Family Service Council

Berkeley Prep

 Comprised of parents, division representatives, teachers, administrators and students, the Family Service Council is dedicated to creating programs and partnerships where Berkeley Prep families can serve the Hillsborough County community together.... [read more]

Service Council

Berkeley Prep

 Berkeley Prep Upper School students serve on the Service Council.  The responsibilities of the council are to brainstorm projects and partnerships, find project managers, and assure that all projects are meeting authentic needs in the community.... [read more]

Make a Splash

Berkeley Prep

 A USA swimming initiative aimed to reduce the rates of childhood drowning, Make a Splash is a national program that teaches low-income children how to swim. Berkeley became a recent partner in the Make a Splash movement and looks forward to hosting f... [read more]

Flip Day

Bishop Walker School for Boys

 Berkeley 9th graders team up with Volunteers of America to serve in the local community. Last year the students engaged in exterior and interior beautification projects at Clear Bay Terrace, a senior housing facility located in Clearwater for low-inc... [read more]

Grace Academy

Ethel Walker

 Grace Academy is a tuition-free independent school for low-income girls grades 6-12 who reside in the city of Hartford.  Three times each school year students from Ethel Walker organize and host a half-day “field trip” for the entire... [read more]

Special Olympics

Ethel Walker

 Ethel Walker students partner with the Special Olympics throughout the school year to help provide an opportunity for people with intellectual disabilities to participate in athletic training and competitions.  Weekly the students participate al... [read more]

The Wetlands Planting

National Cathedral School

 5th grade students from National Cathedral School and Excel Public Charter School connect throughout the school year on an environmental project.  With a curriculum developed by teachers from both schools, the girls stud... [read more]

Leadership Curriculum

National Cathedral School

 Teachers from National Cathedral School and Excel Public Charter School are working together to develop a project-based leadership program.  The curriculum, developed by teachers from both schools, will teach the students abo... [read more]

Access to Dual Enrollment Classes & Cabrini College

AIM Academy

 AIM Academy has established a high-quality dual enrollment partnership with Cabrini College, a small private college located near Philadelphia. Seniors take classes on Cabrini’s campus and earn up to six transferrable college credits. They gain... [read more]

AIM Research Advisory Board

AIM Academy

 The AIM Research Advisory Board was established to bring together researchers and educators, including university professors, in a research to practice collaboration working hand-in-hand with the students and faculty of AIM Academy. These partnering ... [read more]

Startup Corps

AIM Academy

 A study in the UK reported that up to 35% of the most successful entrepreneurs have dyslexia. Interviews with accomplished business people such as Charles Schwab indicate that the talents of these individuals often lie in their ability to think creat... [read more]

ACE Center


 The Center for Awareness, Compassion and Engagement (ACE) at Castilleja School in Palo Alto, CA was designed to empower women and girls to learn, lead and effect positive change in the community both globally and locally.  Through its ... [read more]

Transformative Diversity

St. George's Independent School

 What began as a plan for expansion became a vision for transformation. Fifteen years ago, SGIS was a single-campus elementary school situated in the suburbs of Memphis. School leaders envisioned adding a middle school and upper school campus in a ... [read more]

Summer Enrichment Pilot Program

Campbell Hall

 Campbell Hall extends our college preparatory programs and opportunities to low-income, high-achieving public school students through a free summer enrichment program call the Summer Enrichment Pilot Program.  Students in 6th-8th grade experienc... [read more]

GO Project

Friends Seminary

  The Go Project is a non-profit that serves over 560 students from Lower Manhattan and Chelsea.  Go Project students are usually first or second generation American citizens from low-income families and facing serious learning challenges. The o... [read more]

Code Camp

Spence School

 Spence School has partnered with Harlem Children's Zone to create a four-day coding camp for 2nd grade girls. Two teachers from Spence and two teachers from Promise Academy I (one of HCZ's charter schools) co-teach the camp. Prior to the star... [read more]


 Prep@Pingree is a 5 week summer academic enrichment and scholarship program that enrolls seventh and eighth grade students from the towns of Lawrence and Lynn, MA.  The program is taught by experienced independent and public high school teachers... [read more]

The Wilson Society

Hutchison School

 One program that emerged from that discussion in 2010 was the Wilson Society.  Funded by the Kemmons Wilson Family Foundation, the program focuses solely on establishing and maintaining strong partnerships with nonprofits in the Memphis communit... [read more]

Philanthropic Literacy Board

Hutchison School

 The Hutchison Community Service Endowment Fund offers a unique 21st century learning experience for upper school girls at Hutchison.  Through direct involvement with the decision making processes that accompany managing a grant dispersal fund, g... [read more]

Rogers Scholars

Hutchison School

 The Rogers Scholars is an application-based organization of juniors and seniors, selected based on their interest in learning more about the policy issues in Memphis, as well as their leadership capacity. With an emphasis on experiential learning foc... [read more]

Center for Excellence

Hutchison School

 Started in 2004 as the Arts Academy, the Center for Excellence offers community learning at Hutchison. The Center for Excellence shares Hutchison's tradition of excellence with the greater Memphis community through offerings in academics, arts, a... [read more]

Brunswick Horizons Program

Brunswick School

 In 2014, Brunswick School established a Horizons program for boys from low-income families in their community. In its inaugural year, the program welcomed 30 Kindergarten and first-grade boys to participate in a six-week summer program.  The int... [read more]



 Sophomores at Madeira School participate in a five-week internship that is focused on service in the community.  Benefiting from the school’s unique modular schedule, the students are able to spend the entire five weeks off campus explorin... [read more]

Excel Academy


 Students from Madeira travel to Excel Academy, an all-girls charter school located in Southeast Washington, DC, regularly to assist in Excel’s Saturday Academy. The girls coordinate the athletic component of the day.  This includes ru... [read more]

World Language Program

Cary Academy

 The World Language Program at Cary Academy requires that all sophomores participate in an international exchange program.  With the obvious intentions of improving the students’ language skills, the two week trip also intends to foster the... [read more]

Blended Learning Project

Cary Academy

 Blended learning is an educational concept that supports the idea that the best learning takes place in a variety of ways- online, in a classroom, independently and often on a student’s own timeframe.  This philosophy has been adopted by C... [read more]

Brantwood Camp

St. Mark's

 Brantwood Camp is a residential summer camp for boys and girls, located in Peterborough, New Hampshire, and has been a special place of St. Mark’s summer service since 1920. Brantwood provides educational and recreational programs for inner&nda... [read more]


Durham Academy

 Student U is a college-access organization that believes all students in Durham have the ability to succeed. In order to make this dream a reality, Student U creates a pipeline of services to support students through middle and high school. By p... [read more]


Deerfield Academy

 Deerfield Academy provides a unique three week residential experience for students from three Pioneer Valley middles schools as well as dozens of KIPP charter schools from across the country.  Students engage in four 70-minute academic classes a... [read more]

Franklin County Partnership

Deerfield Academy

 Inspired by their experience at the Round Square International Conference in Jordan, a group of Deerfield Academy students spearheaded the organization of a Round Square-style conference focused on hunger and homelessness in Franklin County with loca... [read more]

The Racine Area School-Community Alliance (RASCA)

The Prairie School

 The Racine Area School-Community Alliance (RASCA) was developed as a collaborative partnership between private and public schools in the greater Racine/Kenosha area that focuses on key topics that impact us all.  Through RASCA, The Prairie Schoo... [read more]


The Prairie School

 C.L.A.S.S.  (Character,  Leadership,  Accountability,  Service, Sustainability) @The Prairie School is a multiage leadership program that partners Upper, Middle, and Primary School students together into a nontraditional classroom... [read more]

The Center for Developing Excellence

The Prairie School

 The Center for Developing Excellence (CDE) STEM Academy gives students, in grades 5-8, the opportunity to participate in real-world science, technology, engineering, and math lab-based adventures.  During the 5-day hands-on course, students desi... [read more]

Francis Parker Civic Engagement Program

Francis Parker

 Francis Parker School Upper School students engage in myriad partnerships in Chicago, as well as class-to-class partnerships with overseas partners.  Partnerships are vital for Parker’s commitment to democratic education.  The mo... [read more]

Upward Bound

Northfield Mount Hermon

 The Upward Bound Program at NMH is one of the federally funded TRIO programs (Department of Education) designed to provide low-income students with the skills and motivation they need to succeed in high school and in college. Summer Acad... [read more]

Summer LEAP at Allendale Columbia School

Allendale Columbia School

 Closing the Opportunity Gap for Low-Income Students in Rochester, NY Of comparably sized cities, Rochester, New York currently ranks first for both child poverty and extreme poverty on a national level, with 84% of the 30,000 students in the Rochest... [read more]

Lab Atlanta

Atlanta Public Schools

 Lab Atlanta Atlanta Public Schools, through a partnership with the Lovett School, Savannah College of Art and Design and the Public Design Workshop of Georgia Tech, is collaborating on an opportunity for tenth graders from public and private schools... [read more]

MYPIC Leadership Program

Glenelg Country School

 The Glenelg Country School, a PK-12 independent school located in Ellicott City, Maryland, is committed to the notion of innovative education emphasizing academic excellence, healthy living and strong community relationships.  As part of this co... [read more]

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