Sonoma Academy

Sonoma Academy (SA), an independent, co-educational 9-12 school located in Santa Rosa, CA, has partnerships with the following local schools, parents, organizations and residents to deepen their understanding of and support for one another, and in so doing, foster meaningful community relationships.

Kawana Academy of Arts and Sciences (KAAS)

Sonoma Academy partners with Kawana Academy of Arts and Sciences in a number of programs.  This elementary school is dedicated to serving children of need, with 96% of its students eligible for free or reduced lunch.  The partnership programs are as follows:

Taylor Mountain School (TMS)

SA partners with Taylor Mountain School throughout the year in a number of programs.  With academic programs a primary focus, the schools also dedicate time for athletic and enrichment activities.

Children’s Village

SA partners with Children’s Village, a residential foster program designed to keep siblings together, for the Study and Fun program.  Each week children from the foster program come to the SA campus for homework help and fun activities.

Día del Niño (Day of the Child)

Parents and staff from SA, Taylor Mountain and KAAS elementary schools work together to put on the community event titled Día del Niño.  At this festival, parents, students and teachers from all three schools enjoy a day filled with community togetherness and shared experiences.  Face painting, science experiments, and dance lessons are just a few of the events that are available on this day.  You can read more about it here


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