Entrepreneurship and Impact

Using finance for change

Join us for a six-session virtual experience that will introduce Middle School students to the concepts that pave the path for long term, sustainable social change. Breaking down silos of what is classroom learning and what is real world impact, social entrepreneurship education allows students to think deeply about what matters to them and simultaneously giving them the toolkit to do something about it. Throughout the workshops, students will learn about the history of currency, be introduced to the growing field of social entrepreneurship and impact investing, and opportunities to shape and shift the system of finance to make the world a better place! 

The National Network of Schools in Partnership has partnered with The Scott Center of Social Entrepreneurship at Hillbrook School to create this one of a kind opportunity for students grades 6-8 to examine the history of our financial systems and explore, through a series of design challenges, alternatives that may have a dramatic social impact on the world in which the students live. Students will also work in teams to play the Stock Market Game and watch the ways in which investments rise and fall week to week. 

This six-session program will be a valuable add-on for students with an interest in social justice, equity, and social impact in their communities.

Session 1-What is Social Entrepreneurship? 6 pillars of Soc Ent Ed 

Session 2- Money Matters: 8 Types of Capital and the Stock Market Game

Session 3-Impact Investing and Microfinance: $=vote! 

Session 4- Better Business: B Corps, Fair Trade, and Ethical Fashion

Session 5-The Future of Finance: Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, and Globalization 

Session 6-Idea to Impact: Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship Otter Tank!  


Program costs and details:

$200/ student 

Dates: Tuesdays at 4:00-5:15 PST, 7:00-8:15 EST

November 3rd-December 15th (no session week of Thanksgiving) 


this program is designed for students in grades 6-8


About NNSP:

The National Network of Schools in Partnership (NNSP) serves its members by providing implementation support, thought leadership, and advocacy. NNSP believes collaboration and partnerships are central to a strategy for improving equity in educational opportunities. NNSP thrives on the diversity of its members, which include organizations such as: public, charter and private schools; educational access and enrichment programs; and policy and education reform groups.


About the Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship:

At The Scott Center, our vision is to inspire all learners to see the world as it is, imagine what it might be, and partner with their communities to realize long term impact for people and planet. We remain the leading education voice in teaching social entrepreneurship in JK-8th grade and took the last two years to thoughtfully define the pillars that make this learning unique, ethical and impactful. Six pillars ground social entrepreneurship education at the Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship: DESIGN, STORY, SYSTEMS, CIVICS, FINANCE, and AGENCY.


At the Scott Center, we believe each of us, whether we are 4 or 94, has the potential to reach beyond ourselves and make a difference in the world. This belief guided the creation of the Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Hillbrook School in partnership with the Scott Foundation four years ago. While all of us possess this transformative potential, we must ask ourselves repeatedly, “what matters to me and what am I doing about it?” These are the questions that ground social entrepreneurship education at Hillbrook and beyond. It takes a certain kind of boldness to commit to social entrepreneurship education and we know by helping students understand their dreams, we unleash the full force of the world’s most powerful resource: imaginative capital.


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