Los Angeles Regional Meeting Agenda

February 22, 2016
Hosted by Campbell Hall



Julian Bull, Head of School
Campbell Hall

School Partnership and Community Engagement Around the Country
Blake Kohn, Executive Director
National Network of Schools in Partnership

Partnership Success in LA
Darin Earley, Director
Loyola Marymount University, School of Education Family of Schools

Partnership Work in Action
Look at the larger picture of what makes partnership programs successful and sustainable.  Read two short case studies and answer discussion questions in small groups. 

Partnership potential in Los Angeles
Turn the focus of the discussion to Los Angeles and how sustainable, reciprocal and impactful partnerships can benefit the community.  Brainstorm ideas of how to implement these programs.

Full group discussion
Regroup as a one and discuss highlights of the conversations, suggest areas of action and formulate plans for potential partnerships in the community

Questions and Discussion

News Updates