Milton Academy

Milton Academy provides numerous opportunities for its students to become engaged in the community that surrounds them. Milton has established relationships with the schools and not for profit organizations in its neighborhood to encourage respectful connections with others, personal responsibility, and commitment.  The shared experiences of work and play together strengthen the skills and values of openness, self-awareness, understanding the perspectives of other, creativity, communication, collaboration and leadership. 

Volunteering in School

Milton students have an opportunity to tutor elementary school students (gr.K-6) in the Boston public school system as well as the Milton Public Elementary schools. Committed to going every week, students act as classroom assistants or as individual student’s tutors/mentors. In addition, Milton students have focused recently on increased intensive arts programming, providing important creative outlets for some schools that have had cuts in this area.  

After School Mentorships

Students from Milton Academy serve as mentors to students from a number of schools in Dorchester and Milton.  Structures vary, but typically Milton students are paired with a particular afterschool program students to mentor and assist with homework during the afternoon or evening study halls consistently throughout the year.

The Saturday Course

The Saturday Course is designed for independently motivated students with strong academic skills from surrounding communities in grades 4, 5 and 6. After being selected by their schools, students register and participate in six-week academic sessions taught at Milton. Led by dynamic, experienced teachers, the small student-to-teacher ratio encourages opportunities for hands-on activities, lab experiments, small group discussion and individual projects.  The goal of The Saturday Course at Milton Academy is to provide a rich learning environment for these children allowing them to learn compelling material in a fun and exciting manner.

One Day Initiatives

While the majority of focus has been on building lasting partnerships with specific sites, as well as building relationships with individual teachers and students, Milton also offers a range of one-day project support for local schools and youth organizations.  These include field days, town celebration kids activity booths and site based improvement initiatives.





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