Wondrous Happenstance

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

In her 19 years at Wildwood, Monique Marshall has worn many hats. She started as a 4th grade teacher, did a two-year stint as assistant librarian, taught in the Pods, and is currently teaching 5th grade. She is also an integral member of Wildwood’s Multicultural Leadership Team and has been a Wildwood parent for most of her tenure here, with both of her daughters attending Wildwood.

If that’s not enough service to our Wildwood community, Monique is also the creator and champion of the Buddy Partnership program between Wildwood elementary school classes and Central High School. Central High is a Los Angeles Unified School District public continuation school that is housed in one room at the Mar Vista Gardens housing development. It’s a school for kids who have not been served by the system, a “last chance” place for kids who have struggled but still have a drive to get their high school diploma

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