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Ursuline Academy of Dallas

Ursuline Academy has an established, formal agreement with each of the schools below to participate in a reciprocal, mutually-beneficial, educational and cultural exchange on an annual or bi-annual basis.

  • Beijing, China: Huaxia Girls’ School
  • Ribeirao Preto, Brazil: Colegio Santa Ursula
  • Lima, Peru: Colegio Santa Ursula
  • Santiago, Chile: Colegio Santa Ursula
  • Johannesburg, South Africa: Brescia House School
  • Wimbledon, England: Ursuline High School
  • Wilmington, Delaware, USA: Ursuline Academy

When a Sister–school delegation visits UA Dallas, they focus on educational and cultural experiences, such as:

  • Meeting with UA faculty to exchange ideas
  • Spending time in UA classes
  • Hosting students in a UA host family
  • Presenting classes exclusively for our guests (photography, art, etc.)
  • Inviting our guests to give a presentation & lessons to our students
  • Interviewing the delegations for UA publications (print & online)
  • Sharing the US College Application process with our guests 
  • Participating in a service project together (serving dinner at the Hillcrest House,volunteering at The North Texas Food Bank, etc.)

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