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GO Project

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Friends Seminary

The Go Project is a non-profit that serves over 560 students from Lower Manhattan and Chelsea.  Go Project students are usually first or second generation American citizens from low-income families and facing serious learning challenges. The organization provides year-round academic to help each student succeed.

With three distinct programs Go Summer (a six-week summer program), Go School (a 7 month Saturday school program) and Go Families (a year round social work and counselor program) the students and their families are provided with the necessary resources to successfully navigate the school system and the challenges that they face.

Friends Seminary along with Grace Church School, Little Read School House and Elisabeth Irwin High School and Avenues the World School provide not only the facilities for these programs, but they also provide the resources and the interns.

Students from Friends Seminary apply to be in the Go Getters program, an intense internship program in the summer.  Not only do they help teach the Go Summer classes, but they also participate in a leadership curriculum that teaches them about leadership, advocacy and civic engagement.  Many of the interns finish the program and then choose to also volunteer in the Go Saturday program throughout the year.


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