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Sophomores at Madeira School participate in a five-week internship that is focused on service in the community.  Benefiting from the school’s unique modular schedule, the students are able to spend the entire five weeks off campus exploring their connection to their community and the concepts of social responsibility and civic engagement.  In groups of eight to 14, girls volunteer at area schools, various non-profits, and local governmental agencies. These sites represent under-served populations, children at risk, youth with disabilities, food shelters, and environmental causes. 

Juniors at Madeira spend their five-week internship on Capitol Hill. Students choose a national issue that is of interest to them and then are assigned a senator or congressperson who shares that same interest. Through their work, the students are exposed to the legislative process and to the work that must occur in order to make change in our country.

Seniors at Madeira spend their five-week internship working at organizations or businesses in which they have a personal interest.  In order to secure their placements, the students must research the opportunity, write letters of inquiry to appropriate contacts, and visit the workplace for an interview. Over the course of the internship, the students go to work daily for the organization.  At the end of the internship, the students present a capstone project that they have researched on a topic relevant to the work they have been doing.

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