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Palms Elementary School

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Systems thinking is an approach to learning that encourages children to see how things (systems) influence one another within a whole.  This approach allows children to explore all of the systems, human and natural, that connect us and to develop a unique approach to problem solving.  This is the basis of the elementary school curriculum at Wildwood School

This year Wildwood Schools begins a three-year partnership with Palms Elementary School, a PK-5 elementary school in the LA Unified School District, to share and enhance the use of systems thinking in both schools. A generous grant and support from the Wildwood Outreach Center makes this professional development partnership possible.  Led by Dr. Barbara Moreno, an independent educational consultant with decades of experience as a classroom teacher at LA’s Open Magnet Charter School, teachers from both schools will work together learning how to apply systems thinking to their classroom as well as how to strengthen their practice.

Throughout this time, researchers from Chapman University in Orange, California and The University of Memphis will also be studying the implementation of the approach at both schools in order to document and validate the systems approach.

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