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Code Camp

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Spence School

Spence School has partnered with Harlem Children's Zone to create a four-day coding camp for 2nd grade girls. Two teachers from Spence and two teachers from Promise Academy I (one of HCZ's charter schools) co-teach the camp. Prior to the start of the camp the teachers participate in professional development workshops at Spence on how to use Scratch, a free online coding program. The teaching team works with 20 girls (10 from Spence and 10 from Promise) for four days (2 at Spence and 2 at Promise) for a total of 16 hours. In addition, upper school student volunteers from both schools help with the teaching.  The camp is free for every participant as it is funded by a private grant. At the end of the four sessions there will be an hour coding bazar at HCZ where each student will run a booth that shows the game she built while at Code Camp. 

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