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Blended Learning Project

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Cary Academy

Blended learning is an educational concept that supports the idea that the best learning takes place in a variety of ways- online, in a classroom, independently and often on a student’s own timeframe.  This philosophy has been adopted by Cary Academy as one of many ways to enhance the learning of their students.  To that end, they have started the Blended Learning Project.

With the assistance of NC State’s Friday Institute of Educational Innovation, Cary Academy has developed a blended learning team, whose members have created courses that have shifted a significant percentage of the learning online using modules created by members of the team.  Current offerings include physics, advanced environmental science, advanced English, anatomy and physiology, advanced calculus, architecture, and creative writing. The school has shared their learnings with other schools by hosting a blended conference in the fall of 2015 and through presentation at various regional, national, and international conferences.  The school is also working in partnership with schools in India, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, South Carolina, and Florida on a shared, blended global leadership course that extends the potential of the platform. 

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