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Student Mentoring
College Preparatory School

College Preparatory School, an independent 9-12 school in Oakland, CA, works with the local chapter of the national non-profit Playworks.  By providing guided play and physical activity at recess and throughout the school day, the Playworks program reduces bullying, restores valuable teaching time, and improves the schools’ learning environment.  Currently 33 schools in the East Bay participate with Playworks and College Prep has partnered with ten of those schools. 

After receiving training from Playworks, students from College Prep are able to go into their partner schools (usually elementary schools in under-privileged areas) and help facilitate both recess and class-time activities.  Through this partnership, the students from College Prep not only learn how essential play is to child development and school success, but they also foster meaningful relationships with young children from neighborhoods different from their own.

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