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P.S. Science is a project of the CCOF created to captivate young minds and inspire a lifelong passion for science. This mobile, exploration-based weekly science program benefits first, second, and third grade students in Title I schools where exposure to science is either non-existent or severely limited. This situation is the consequence of No Child Left Behind, which does not require science testing till 4th grade. Since it is not tested, it is generally not taught, particularly in Title I schools.

P.S. Science makes it possible for young children to:

  • See themselves involved in scientific endeavors
  • Do hands-on science every week
  • Know that science defines, and will change, their world


In 2004, CCOF began the first stages of developing the P.S. Science program as a response to the need for meaningful early elementary school science education. CCOF conceived of P.S. Science to fill this need by providing content and experience-rich science instruction. The program is designed to enhance students’ science literacy with a focus on understanding content through process. In addition to teaching the children, P.S. Science also intends to train the teacher until he/she is comfortable enough to teach the subject matter alone and also has experienced the value of science education in other academic areas, specifically math and language arts.  P.S. Science serves first through third grade children at underserved schools by creating a foundation of relevant and compelling science experiences. CCOF first piloted P.S. Science in 2006.

P.S. Science currently serves 440 children living at or below the poverty line at William Green Elementary School, McKinley Elementary School and Saint Anne School, all Title I schools.

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