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Horizons Greater Washington

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Originally a partnership between Maret and HD Cooke Elementary School , Horizons Greater Washington has expanded and now includes four other schools in the metropolitan DC area.  This larger partnership advances their goal of encouraging a diverse group of K-8 children from low-income families to develop a lifelong interest in learning, advance academic gains over the summer and improve overall achievement in school.

Conceived as a program that would reach out and serve children from low-income communities, the Horizons mission remains essentially unchanged today. Over the years, the program has grown in numbers and complexity, but its focus on the excitement of learning remains its guiding principle. Horizons is designed to encourage students from a diverse low-income population to explore new worlds and to realize their full potential. 

Horizons partners with public schools to serve students with a broad range of academic abilities in a six week full-day educational enrichment summer session.  Students make enormous gains in academics and confidence and return to their schools better prepared for the year ahead.    

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