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The Next Step

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Roland Park Country School

The Next Step is an academic enrichment program available for girls in grades 10-12 in the Baltimore City area. Serving approximately 45 students each summer, the girls participate in a 6-week session. See grade level class descriptions below.

  • 10th grade The mission of the Inner City Youth Science Program, held on the campus of Loyola University Maryland, is to engage area rising 10th grade girls in science as they develop knowledge and skills that will help them in their current academic work as well as present them with possibilities for pursuing careers in STEM fields.
  • 11th grade The mission of the Think, Do, Design pre-architecture program at Morgan State University is to help rising 11th grade girls understand and appreciate the built environment as they develop knowledge and skills that will help them in their current academic work.  
  • 12th grade Rising high school seniors of The Next Step spend their summer studying the museum experience.  For example, in 2013 students created an online museum.  Hosted by Roland Park Country School’s web system, My City, My Life showcases the positive path that girls attending high school in the greater Baltimore area have chosen to take.
  • Graduates High school graduates participate in a group project each year. In 2013, students chose to create a teaching unit on Industrial Baltimore, coming to understand how prominent industries have changed over time affecting the economic health of the City.

In addition, high school girls may participate in a school year program that includes workshops such as SAT refresher, Applying to College, and completing the FAFSA. 

Anticipated outcomes for The Next Step are:  (1) students will receive direction and support in planning for their academic futures; (2) students will learn about architecture and STEM career choices; (3) students will learn in the college setting; (4) students will be supported in their pursuit of higher education and the accompanying transitions; and (5) students will be provided SAT instruction.

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