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Curricular Based Service Learning Partnerships

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San Francisco Friends School

Grade-Level Service

At the San Francisco Friends School, each grade level (K-8) participates in a partnership with a community organization. These projects enhance and enrich curricula and happen throughout the year as well as year after year.  These relationships have grown from isolated projects and curricular units to authentic and reciprocal community connections.  They are as follows:

K-Fundraising for goat donation with the Heifer Foundation
1st- Dancing with residents at the Francis of Assisi Senior Center
2nd-Fundraisers and pet adoptions with the SPCA
3rd- Collection drives and photo project with the International Refugee Committee
4th- Reading with pre-school buddies at Holy Family Day Home
5th- Oral history drama project with seniors at the Francis of Assisi Senior Center
6th- Collection drives and gardening project with Growing Home Community Garden and the San Francisco Dept of Public Works
7th- Volunteering at the San Francisco Food Bank, coordinated with a curricular-based study on nutrition
8th- Student driven project associated with class trip to the California Central Valley

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