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San Francisco Friends School

The San Francisco Friends School Board of Trustees has a committee dedicated to ensuring that the school is an active steward in the greater community. It helps monitor and guide the school’s commitment to service and engagement through ongoing programs, partnerships, and positive community relationships. It also ensures active engagement with and participation from the school community to help sustain and promote this essential work.  In addition to attending monthly meetings, members are asked to get involved with projects that speak to their interests and areas of expertise. These include:

  • Communications/messaging: publicize and promote this work and how to get involved (photo/video, CB articles, PAge postings, wiki updates, webpage, etc...)
  • Alumni involvement: service days, reunion events, etc...
  • School events: community luncheons (fall and spring), school-wide service days, Quaker pantry service project, collection drives, Craft Fair, etc
  • Meetings/outreach: city meetings, neighborhood meetings, district meetings, police station meetings, maintaining relations with local vendors and businesses
  • City development (as it relates to/impacts our school): parks, housing, parking, bike lanes, etc...

In addition, when issues or challenges come up in the neighborhood that impact our school, our families, or students, the committee helps to respond quickly and appropriately.


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