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Summer Enrichment and The Bryn Mawr School

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Bryn Mawr School

In an effort to ensure that B.E.S.T. (Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust) families were aware of summer academic enrichment opportunities for their children, a Summer Enrichment Guide for parents was created.  This guide lists opportunities throughout Baltimore for students of all ages. The Bryn Mawr School opened up their summer academic enrichment programming for lower, middle and upper school students to B.E.S.T. families at a minimal cost, thus allowing 18 B.E.S.T. students to enjoy courses taught by Bryn Mawr faculty, including “Kitchen Chemistry” for lower school students; “CSI Bryn Mawr” and “Page to Stage” for middle school students; and “Struggles for Supremacy” and “Explorations in Geometry” for upper school students.  

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